Zelf Koelman

My work shows that design can play a catalytic roll to make products more human and naturelike using emergent technologies. Design is all about ethics; What I want is to fundamentally activate people, who design relations between humans and their environment, to think about how they are designing by showing them new perspectives.

I love to change other people’s thinking by re-engaging them with an object’s natural and intrinsic physical properties, eventually leading to a more human and natural environment.

Our thinking about the possibilities from which we design elements in our environment, is very much based on our past. Emerging technologies, make it possible to change this. We should move away from the action-reaction interaction paradigm, towards more natural interactions. It seems that our conservative understanding and acceptance of the world as we know it, holds us from doing this. I believe we should catalyse towards a more free way of thinking about how to approach design cases to cause change.

Plant Y Interactions

We usually can only see plants move in a time-lapse video. This artificial leaf aims to enforce the interaction between an indoor plant and its environment by making this behaviour more visible. The leaf reacts on the same environmental factors als a plant, such as light, moisture, etc. but acts a lot faster.

The leave is made from five strings of NiTiCu wire mounted on a leaf-shaped strip of spring steel. The five wires give the electronics the freedom to change the state of the leaf into different shapes. 

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