Plant Y Interactions


We usually can only see plants move in time-lapse video. This artificial leaf aims to enforce the interaction between an indoor plant and its environment by making this behaviour more visible. The leaf reacts on the same environmental factors als a plant, such as light, moisture, etc... but acts a lot faster. 

The leave is made from five strings of NiTiCu wire mounted on a leaf-shaped strip of spring steel. The five wires give the electronics the freedom to change the state of the leaf into different shapes.

This concept was the finale outcome of the project "(Es)sential Details" at the Eindhoven University of Technology - Department of Industrial Design. Students were assigned to question how we can design for irresistible interactions in an artefact in order to engage people in a beautiful interaction with this artefact. We were constrained to design for "invisible events" in an "indoor working environment". The design process main focus had to be on finetuning sensitivities in the physical/interactive materiality.